Here below is the present constitution – the basic principles by which Gwent Mountaineering Club is governed and run. It was last formally revised in October 2010. It is reviewed each year for continuing applicability.

Gwent Mountaineering Club

Full member club of the British Mountaineering Council


  1. NAME

The name of the body (herein-after called the Club) is the GWENT MOUNTAINEERING CLUB.


A motion or proposal shall, unless otherwise expressly provided for by the Club’s Constitution, be approved when the number of voters in favour is greater than half of those members present.


The object of the Club is to foster mountaineering activities (which include mountain walking and scrambling, rock climbing, snow and ice climbing, camping and backpacking, orienteering, fell running and ski mountaineering) in the British Isles and elsewhere, and bring into fellowship people who are interested in these pursuits. The Club shall be affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council.


4.1 Membership is open to persons aged 18 years and over (except for younger Family Members).

4.2 The Club shall consist of Ordinary, Family, Special Members, Associate and Honorary Life Members.

4.3 Family Membership may include children and young people under 18 years of age, provided they are accompanied on all Club activities by their parent(s) or Guardian(s) or a person appointed by their parent(s) or guardian(s) to act in loco parentis.

4.4 Special Membership is available to full time students and unemployed people.

4.5 Associate Membership is available to persons living more than 75 miles from Goytre, Gwent.

4.6 To be made an Honorary Life Member an existing member must be proposed by one club member and seconded by another Club member, and must be approved by a majority at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting. Honorary membership would be awarded to a member in recognition of outstanding contributions to the success of the Club or to mountaineering in general, or to a long standing member of the Club.

Honorary membership does not deprive the member of his/her constitutional rights.

4.7 A new candidate for membership must:

  1. a) Complete fully the application for membership provided by the Secretary
  2. b) Agree to abide by the Club’s constitution
  3. c) Be subject to final approval by the committee.

5.1 Honorary Life Members will enjoy free membership of the Club

5.2 The Club will be responsible for paying the fee due to the British Mountaineering Club on behalf of the Honorary Member.

5.3 All other members will pay an annual subscription due at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) – the amount being decided at the AGM

5.4 Ordinary Membership shall be a full subscription. Family Membership shall be a full subscription for one member of the household plus a reduced subscription for each additional member of the household. The reduction in subscription shall be at the discretion of the committee.

5.5 The reduction for special membership and Associate Membership, shall also be set at the discretion of the committee.


6.1 The management of the club shall be vested in a committee consisting of the following officers:

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Weekend Programme Secretary, Evening Programme Secretary, Membership Secretary, Equipment Officer, Website Officer and BMC Representative.

6.2 Officers shall be elected for one year at the AGM

6.3 Five officers shall form a quorum

6.4 In the event of the absence of the Chairman and the Vice-chairman the committee shall elect one of its members to take the chair

6.5 The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote to be used only in the event of a tie. All other committee members shall have a single vote

6.6 The Committee shall be empowered to:

  1. a) in the event of a vacancy occurring on the committee, fill the vacancy temporarily
  2. b) co-opt any member onto the committee as a non-voting member, for as long as the committee deems appropriate
  3. c) expel or otherwise reprimand any member guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests of the Club, subject to the right of appeal to a General Meeting
  4. d) amend the Club’s guidelines for Safety on the Mountains
  5. e) decide all disputes not provided for in this constitution

6.7 The committee shall meet from time to time during the year as deemed necessary.


7.1 The Club is non-profit making and any surplus funds shall be used for the promotion of the objects of the club

7.2 Limits of expenditure for the Treasurer and Committee shall be decided at the AGM and may only be altered at a General Meeting. Expenditure in excess of these limits shall be approved at a General Meeting. All expenditure shall be in the broad interests of the Club

7.3 No contracts or engagements shall be entered into on behalf of the Club unless existing funds, after deductions of any liabilities, are adequate to meet the liabilities thereby incurred

7.4 The Treasurer shall keep proper records of all moneys received or spent and produce a balance sheet whenever requested by the Committee, and shall hold Club funds in a bank account or building society

7.5 Cheques shall be signed by any two of the following: Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer and Secretary

7.6 The accounts shall be audited annually

7.7 The committee shall have the power to make charges and levies in connection with the Club’s activities, or the use of its property, and to determine from time to time the amount of such charges and levies

7.8 A list of the Club’s equipment, purchase details and disposal details shall be drawn up prior to the AGM


8.1 The AGM shall be held annually in October, of which 21 days notice shall be given. A quorum at an AGM shall be 10% of the membership. If less than 10% of the membership are present at an AGM then only the business in paragraphs 8.2(a) to 8.2(g) shall be conducted

8.2 the business of the AGM shall be to:

  1. a) approve the minutes of the previous AGM
  2. b) receive Officer’s reports on the year’s activities
  3. c) receive from the Treasurer the audited accounts for the previous year
  4. d) decide on the annual subscription and limits of expenditure for the Treasurer and Committee
  5. e) elect the officers of the committee
  6. f) appoint the auditor for the account of the coming year
  7. g) conduct any previously notified special business
  8. h) conduct any other business

8.3 Nominations for officers may be made by any member. Nominations shall be made in writing and shall consist of the signatures of the proposer and seconder and the nominee. Nominations shall close fourteen days prior to the AGM. If an office is not contested, the single candidate shall be elected unopposed.

8.4 Members shall give 14 days notice to the secretary of any special business to be included in the agenda.

8.5 A copy of the year’s accounts made up to the end of the club year, and an agenda of the business to be considered, shall be notified to all members in writing at the AGM.

8.6 Votes shall be cast by a secret ballot if requested by any member. The Chairman shall have only a casting vote, which can only be used in the event of a tie. All other members shall have a single vote.

Members unable to attend the AGM shall have the opportunity to vote in writing to the Secretary during the week prior to the AGM. In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-chairman, the meeting shall elect one of its number to occupy the chair. The election of committee members shall be by secret ballot.


9.1 A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called by the Secretary within 14 days of receiving a requisition by one sixth of the Club’s membership, who shall state the purpose of the meeting, or on a resolution of the committee.

9.2 The notice convening the meeting shall state that this is a Special General Meeting and specify the purpose for which the meeting is being held. No other business shall be transacted.

9.3 Members shall receive 7 clear days notice of such a meeting.

9.4 A quorum shall be formed by one third of the Club’s membership.

9.5 Votes shall be cast by a secret ballot if requested by any member. The Chairman shall have only a casting vote, which can only be used in the event of a tie. All other members shall have a single vote. Members unable to attend the SGM shall have the opportunity to vote in writing to the Secretary during the week prior to the SGM. In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-chairman, the meeting shall elect one of its number to occupy the chair.


The Club shall be dissolved if more than two thirds of the membership desires that course. In that event all the funds of the Club shall be donated to the South Wales Mountain Rescue Association.


The Constitution can be amended only at an AGM or SGM for which proper notice has been given to the membership.

GMC Constitution 28 October 2010 (Revision of November 2009 Constitution)